Haerang, inspired by the native Korean words that translate to “together with the sun”,
is the first luxury train for rail travel to the most remarkable sites
with cinematic landscape of Korea.

Step aboard Rail Cruise Haerang and embark on an unforgettable journey of excitement.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 검색
  • Q. Is there a discount for different age groups with Haerang?
    A. As the Haerang ticket is sold per guestroom, there is no separate charge for the disabled, elderly people, or children. However, travel is free for infants under the age of 4.
    Q. If a person travels alone in a deluxe or suite room (which is charged based on two persons), what is the charge?
    A. When a single person uses a guestroom for two persons (suite or deluxe room), the traveler will receive a 10% discount. However, for rooms for three to four persons (family or standard room), the discount will not be applied.
    Q. Does Haerang always depart from Seoul Station?
    A. Currently, Haerang starts off at Seoul Station. But travelers in certain regions can take a train at major city stations such as Suwon, Seodaejeon, Daejeon, etc. and then receive platform guidance service for Rail Cruise Haerang from each station office. (As for travelers at different stations, they should check out the detailed train information according to their train schedule.)
    Q. Is there a ticket for Rail Cruise Haerang?
    A. Haerang card key and schedule table will be given to customers after a Haerang crew member confirms the customers’ reservation information at the meeting point, the Beans&Berries on the 3nd floor of Seoul Station on the day of travel.
    Q. What kind of charges are included in Haerang’s travel package?
    A. It covers train fare, charges for room, meals, guide and events, admission fee(s), and travel insurance fee. There will be no additional charge.
    Q. Can I use a laptop in the Haerang train?
    A. The tablet rental service is available in the Cafe car (No. 4). Furthermore, laptop users can use Wi-Fi in the Cafe car (No. 4) and Event car (No. 5).
    Q. Are meals served in the Haerang train?
    A. Every meal will be served by a local specialty restaurant outside the train. Snacks and wine will be served inside the train.
    Q. What kinds of services will be provided in Haerang’s restaurant car?
    A. Snacks, tea, beverages, seasonal fruits, beer, wine, etc. will be served free of charge.
    Q. What is the difference between the deluxe room and the suite room?
    A. The suite room is equipped with a sitting room and a private refrigerator along with a bed. Although the bed sizes of the deluxe room and the suite room are slightly different, the others are all the same.
    Q. What kinds of amenities are provided in a shower room / bathroom?
    A. There are disposable toiletries (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush,shampoo, body cleanser), towel, and hairdryer.
    Q. What kinds of things are required for travelers?
    A. No special items are required. Travelers can bring their personal items and are recommended to wear casual attire according to the season.