Haerang, inspired by the native Korean words that translate to “together with the sun”,
is the first luxury train for rail travel to the most remarkable sites
with cinematic landscape of Korea.

Step aboard Rail Cruise Haerang and embark on an unforgettable journey of excitement.

Rail Cruise Haerang, which was designed as a ‘luxurious cruise’ on land,
is a unique hotel-style tourism train in Korea.

  • Haerang 1 – No. of Rooms: 23, Maximum No. of people: 54
  • Haerang 2 – No. of Rooms: 24, Maximum No. of people: 72
    Haerang 2 is designed to hold customized-special events such as a company group training, seminar, business event, and buyer meeting. The course and schedule can be adjusted according to the customer’s requests.
  • HAERANG VOD contains vivid images of Haerang with high quality railway travel.